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About the ECDP


Dotdotdot Dance’s ECDP is an online and in studio programme of classes, workshops and bitesize resources around the themes of traditional and experimental flamenco and creative process that align with the company’s practice.


The program is run by Dotdotdot’s Artistic Directors Magdalena Mannion and Noemí Luz and features exclusive interviews and video tutorials by guest artists from the flamenco and contemporary dance world, to offer different perspectives and ways into the broad spectrum of flamenco. 

Dotdotdot Dance Live Sessions


Activate body and mind with Dotdotdot Dance in these playful online dance training sessions. Enrich your own movement practice by getting inside different flamenco rhythms, dynamics & approaches. If you’re a dancer, actor, singer, performer, mover or dance enthusiast these sessions are for you.

Every other Friday (Starting 15/1/21) 11:00 - 12:15 GMT

£12.50 per session / £10 for ECDP members 

4-class pass: £46 / £36 for ECDP members

To enroll write to us at

Private Tuition


Are you looking to work on something specific? Our one to one sessions are tailored to the needs and level of each individual student. For more information and to set up a class write to us at . Dotdotdot also offer mentoring and outside eye to flamenco dancers working on choreographic projects.

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"It was my first

online class that really made me feel like a creative artist and not "just" a performer or dancer with physical skills to uphold while we can't work the way we usually do...It's just a wonderful class with a very special approach. It's flamenco but for performers and artists of all types who want to discover it to inform their own practice." 

Become an ECDP Member this Autumn and gain access to:


Choreographic Toolbox

  • Guided Improvisation Audios *Featuring improvisations lead by guest artist Marta Botana 

  • Video Tutorials with choreographic games & exercises for generating and distilling movement

  • Video Tutorial Series about working with traditional flamenco repertoire as a source of inspiration

       *Featuring an exclusive interview with Blanca del Rey

Traditional Flamenco


  • Finding your Flamenco Posture Warm-Up Audio

  • Introduction to Rhythm & Compás Video Tutorial Series

  • Footwork Video Tutorials

  • Links to music for practicing

Reference Section


  • Useful links to information pages around flamenco dance and music

  • Video Link Library of traditional repertoire

  • Links to documentaries about flamenco dancing

Suggestions Box


We are adding resources to the Member's Area all the time, so this section gives members the chance to make requests, tell us what they'd like to learn more about & give feedback about their experience


Members will also receive email notifications about new ECDP resources as soon as they have been released and discounts on any Dotdotdot in studio activities. 

What's new?

We love Marta Botana's improvisation audios. They're great for getting into a creative flow!

Watch our exclusive interview with flamenco legend Blanca del Rey and try out our choreographic exercise using one of her videos as inspiration.

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What is the Member's Area?


The Member's Area is a great resource for flamenco dancers and enthusiasts at any experience level as well as physical performers and contemporary dancers with an interest in learning more about flamenco dance. The Member's page offers support in strengthening and expanding flamenco knowledge, as well as branching out into creative processes and exploring different ways of activating the body.


ECDP Online Membership gives access to a wide range of easy to use online resources that you can enjoy at home or in the studio. They take the form of bitesize video tutorials and series, audio sessions and information pages that explore both traditional flamenco and creative process.

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Programme Content:

Magdalena Mannion & Noemí Luz

Video, Website & Graphic Design : @la.sinetiquetas

Technical Manager: José Tomé

Photographer: Fran Fernández-Pardo

Transcription and Translation: Magdalena Mannion

With special thanks to:

José Tomé, Kieran Jay Ransford Johnson, Fran Fernández-Pardo, Blanca del Rey, Marta Botana, Espacio ZM & Pia del Norte.