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"Dragged backwards through a waking dream,

summoning memory through the earth’s vibration,

and quivering under the external gaze."


Three strikingly dynamic flamenco dance pieces that give a fresh perspective on the elements that make up flamenco, incorporating live music, electronic music and spoken word. Traditional solo dances are turned inside out, remoulded and transformed into trios, exposing each choreographer’s personality through three vibrantly contrasting flamenco styles. In Body is a triple bill that was originally commissioned and produced by Sadler’s Wells. For tour dates click here


Magdalena Mannion, Noemí Luz & Yinka Esi Graves

Musical Director: Liam Howarth

Singer: Emilio Florido

Composer/Cellist: Colin Alexander

Sound Designer: José Tomé

Spoken Word Artist: Toni Stuart

Choreographic Advisor: Chloé Brulé

Additional Choreographic Support: Vera Köppern



About the pieces


When Viola met Vargas

Choreography by Magdalena Mannion / Cello and Original Composition by Colin Alexander

This piece is an exploration of shared pulse & emotional dynamics and is inspired by movement qualities found in Bill Viola’s video art and Manuela Vargas’ iconic solo Peteneras. Constructed as a slowly moving image that the audience is invited into, it questions the immediacy in the way in which flamenco is usually performed, creating a striking visual image that evokes a dreamlike state. The piece premiered at the Sadler's Wells Takeover of the National Theatre River Stage 2018.


Into Being

Choreography by Noemí Luz / Sound Design by José Tomé

In investigating the Tarantos style, Noemí was struck by the electric power of this flamenco song, and its ritualistic nature. The movement grows out of the song as a seed from the earth, as a simple vibration, as a living ancestral memory both delicate and energetic. Into Being draws from Tarantos’ varied and nuanced rhythms to create a new aesthetic both visually and aurally. The piece was premiered at the Sadler's Wells Takeover of the National Theatre River Stage 2018.

I Come to my Body as a Question

Choreography by Yinka Esi Graves / Spoken Word by Toni Stuart

This piece is a direct reaction, deconstruction and retelling of the sentiments expressed in Guajira. The traditional Guajira provoked a sense of alienation in Yinka and she was inspired by the appropriation of its elements, such as the use of the fan, its lyrics, and the over sensualized perception of feminine gestures. This piece is as much about the Guajira as it is about the experience of dancing it. I come to my body as a question was premiered at Sampled 2017 at Sadler's Wells and The Lowry.

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