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The Times - (2017)

Photo of dotdotdot dance in Sampled Festival at Sadler's Wells:




















The Telegraph - (2017)

Photo of dotdotdot dance in Sampled Festival at Sadler's Wells:









Review Sadler's Wells Sampled - Fjord Review (2017)

Link to review:

"...With its powerful footwork and vibrant music, dotdotdot’s “I come to my body as a question” was another highlight..."


Review Sadler's Wells Sampled - Exeunt (2017)

Link to review:

"...Also extremely impressive was dotdotdot dance’s I Come To My Body As A Question. Comprising three young female flamenco dancers, the company deconstruct and honour the traditions of their form. This piece offers a feminist re-imagining of the (historically rather misogynist) Cuban ‘Guajira’ style, pitting the insistent voice of flamenco singer Javier Rivera against the lilting rhythms of spoken word artist Toni Stuart. The dancers occupy a defiant middle ground – there’s a startling wit to the simultaneous snap of their fans and mesmeric articulacy in the solos, with fearsomely complex footwork matched by the proud and questioning swoop of the upper body..."


The Widow Stanton - Interview with Noemí Luz (2017)  

Link to interview:

"...How would you describe dotdotdot’s flamenco style?
You could call it contemporary flamenco. It’s very difficult to define it because there are so many different nuances inside different styles of flamenco. The thing about dotdotdot that makes us strong as a trio is that each of us has a very different style. We each come from different backgrounds and we have very different approaches to flamenco. So in a funny way we’ve found the common ground between these three styles and we learn a lot from each other because of the way we approach it..."

Dance Direct - Interview with dotdotdot dance (2017)

Link to interview:

"...How will you be part of this year’s Sampled at Sadler’s Wells?

We will be presenting a re-worked version of ‘I come to my Body as a Question’, one of the pieces we created for our Wild Card evening at the Lilian Baylis in May 2016. We can’t wait to work with Toni Stuart again who is the spoken word artist involved in this project..."


Terry Eastham - Londontheatre1 (2016)


"...Magdalena, Yinka and Noemí really took the dance to a new level for me. They were so elegant and powerful, from their first number, where their movements were initially so gentle, it was difficult to notice the change in position, right up to the fantastically orchestrated final dance with the long dress and shoes – you really need to see it to appreciate it – the ladies were the epitome of Flamenco.

Overall, then despite my initial misgivings, dotdotdot dance proved to be a fantastic evening where the traditional mixed with the modern and a wonderful and talented team put together a really magical show."

Josephine Leask - Londondance (2016)

"...dotdotdot’s interrogations are intelligent, refreshing and compelling to watch. When the group perform altogether and build towards a climax of stamping, clapping music and song, the dancers thrill through their obvious love and understanding of this form."

Laura Ewing - The Upcoming (2016) 

"The two-hour show was thoroughly entertaining, illuminating and pioneering, effectively expressing the pure talent and dynamism of the company’s three founders, all of whom split their time between the UK and Spain. Although this particular performance is only in town for two nights, it is certain that dotdotdot dance will have many more enlightening projects in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for where they will appear next with another inventive and intense take on flamenco."

Susie Crow - Oxforddancewriters (2015)

moving as one with softly menacing clapping; setting the shape for an evening in which blazing individuality emerged from and returned to a tightly-knit ensemble.

Carole Edrich - Dancetog (2014)

"Now consider three young dancers, each demonstrably good in their own right, each with a different and complimentary forte (which can be expressed in terms of flamenco puro and therefore identified by aficionados and casual flamenco enthusiasts alike) who are able to get together and produce a spellbinding performance without props, flash fusion formats or clever ways to divert the audience’s attention from the quality of their work and you’ll start understanding their appeal.
...Keep an eye out for this group, they’re going places. Miss them and you’ll regret it."

Robbie Carnegie - Buxton Fringe Festival (2014)


"...I left the Pavilion Arts Centre last night in no doubt that you'll see nothing in the Fringe as theatrical, nothing as dramatic, as No Frills, the extraordinary flamenco show that burned up the venue last night.  For that matter, you'll hear nothing better either - the musicianship evident on stage was as good as you'll hear anywhere.
...From there on,  I sat, riveted, gripped by  the alchemy of movement and percussion that flamenco - brought to life without any cabaret clichés by Dotdotdot - can create.  Each dancer was given their own showcase, each their own character; each utterly gripping."

background photo by Camilla Greenwell