¨We meet ourselves there, letting ourselves slip underneath the surface, daring to encounter our inner wolves and witches and ask the question: Where are the unreconciled parts of ourselves to be found?¨


About Re Red


Re Red (work in progress) is a new duet  choreographed by Dotdotdot Dance's Co-Artistic Directors Magdalena Mannion and Noemí Luz. The piece is a re-reading and re-interpretation of fairy tales and an investigation into the role they play in the collective experience of women. Magdalena and Noemí delve ever deeper beneath the surface of these iconic stories and into a fairytale forest imbued with symbolism.

Re Red is a collaboration with sound designer José Tomé and is being created for theatre and library spaces. The project has so far been supported by the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Antonio Ruiz Soler (Seville), London Bubble and Battersea Spanish (London).

Creative Team

Concept, Choreography & Dance:

Magdalena Mannion & Noemí Luz

Dramaturgy & Choreographic Support:

Vera Köppern

Original Music & Sound Design: José Tomé

Piano: Alexander Ingram

Video & Photos: Mauro Nardella

“This was using a traditional dance form in a new and

thought-provoking way, and we are immensely fortunate to be able to see such experimental work at the North Wall. Luz and Mannion are hugely accomplished dancers pushing at the boundaries, and it is exciting to witness the shift of an art form that has already extended its reach beyond the social into the theatrical sphere take a further step towards finding new ways of communicating meaning through dance.” 


Dancin’ Oxford 2019

Maggie Watson

Re Red Supporters


Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Antonio Ruiz Soler

& Battersea Spanish

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